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Gita Dickenson Hello my name is Gita, I'm married to Gary and we live in North Norfolk

I was born on 18th of June 1975 in Latvia, or the Soviet Union as it was in that time. From an early age I loved to draw, my parents encouraged me and so when I was 5 I started to attend children's art school.

When I was 11 my dad read in a local newspaper about a new class in a children's art school which specialised in drawing and painting skills. After grade 9 I entered Art secondary school, and specialised in ceramics. It had strong teaching method and traditions in ceramics and it had good equipment to develop my skills.

After the occupation of Latvia ended I decided to move back to Riga. The teaching was different from previous art school and so Whilst I was there I also had other lessons such as ceramics painting. I also gained stronger skills in drawing, painting, compositions and sculpture.

I have been involved in an orphanage as a volunteer. That led me to my last role working as a support worker in a centre for children in need in Riga. More information about the charity I worked for can be found here www.childrenourfuture.org

I met my British husband in 2005 and after a 3 year stay in Latvia we moved back to the UK in 2008. Today, working from my north Norfolk studio I enjoy working in various mediums but mainly working with oils. I also use pastels and pencils to draw detailed work. My subject matter varies but I produce pieces capturing Norfolk scenes many of which are instantly recognisable.

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